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We are excited to debut Edson’s Mobile Education Station this summer, including a craft-building workbench, solar energy demos, and pedal-powered generators. The Station will be available to local events and schools to stimulate discussion about renewable energy and environmental stewardship.

Edson residents and businesses have a growing interest in renewable energy, and the EDRS has responded to the hype and curiosity by installing and demonstrating solar energy collectors of every feasible configuration.

Participants can pedal-generate enough power to charge their phone. They can learn about different types of photovoltaic (solar) power generation systems. They can build and paint a birdhouse using our tools and materials. And they can chat with our experts about the many opportunities we have to protect West Yellowhead’s beautiful, healthy environment.

The Station is free for public use thanks to the support of our provincial government. The pedal generators were built with help of Jelly Parrot Trash Crafts. No electrical hookups are required, only truck and trailer access. We are happy to answer questions and accommodate the unique needs of your space. Please contact us.


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