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Waste from Industrial, Commercial, and Institutional sources (ICI waste) comprises 40% of waste materials generated in Alberta. In 2017, EDRS collaborated with the Town of Edson to identify sources of institutional waste and barriers to reducing or diverting them. Following an audit of Town offices and affiliates, EDRS developed green consumption strategies in line with best practices and is working to implement these strategies also in the commercial sector.

Your business can save on waste bills, reduce your impact on the environment, and improve your company’s public image and much more! The Edson and District Recycling Depot offers free waste audits of local businesses. We also endorse the following resources:

In 2017, the EDRS initiated a bumper recycling project that may feasibly divert hundreds of plastic bumpers from the landfill to a recycler in Edmonton. So far, 474 kg of discarded bumpers have been diverted from one participating autobody shop.

In 2018, the EDRS hopes to partner with Clean Farms to educate municipalities and golf courses on hazards of herbicides and improve disposal options. Yellowhead County became one of four counties to pilot recycling of polypropylene bale twine.

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