Virtual Tours

We are very excited to share with you our major project of 2021/2022, the EDRS Virtual Education Tour! 

The restrictions of the pandemic showed us the need to make our Educational Programming more accessible for all. Our organization collaborated with Katlyn McKenna with Airside Network to develop this virtual, interactive, 360 degrees tour of the Recycling Depot and Community Garden. We also collaborated with Spencer Richard of SRVENT to create the many educational videos embedded within the tour. Please check it out!

Users can click on the link below to navigate through this virtual tour. The tour is 360 degrees, so users are able to click and rotate to see everything around them. The tour is also embedded with “hotspots”. Click on each hotspot to see a video or text description providing you with useful information. Be sure to do a full rotation in each spot so you don’t miss any hotspots! The Recycle Depot tour includes information on what can be recycled, what happens to our recycling, where our recycling goes, alternative energy, and more! The Community Garden tour includes information about wetlands, bats, bees, birds, native tree species, and various other facts about local plants and animal species that can be found at the garden. Check it out! 

We would like to send a huge THANK YOU to the many individuals and organizations that sponsored us, collaborated with us and volunteered their time and knowledge to help make this project possible. This includes: Airside Network, SRVENT, Weyerhauser Edson, TC Energy, EDFOR Cooperative LTD, Repsol Oil & Gas, George Wadey, Dave Rothery with Bluewater, Shanked Computer Recycling, ARMA (Alberta Recycling Management Authority), Jeff Hebner with Capital Paper, Wayne Elias with United Concrete, Curtis Brinker, Clayton Brinker, Jesse Kirillo, Lisa Wilkinson, Don Carr, Marilyn Dudinsky, Janet Fitch, Jim Gomowka, Shay Yaskovitch, and Tori Bailey.

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