Edson Meets its Enviro Discovery Trailer


The services provided the Edson and District Recycling Society just became far more accessible.

The Enviro Discovery Trailer is a 24- by 8-foot trailer constructed by Haul-All (Lethbridge, Alberta). The Enviro Discovery Trailer has made appearances at Edson’s Canada Day celebration and the Peers Gold Dust Days, where festival patrons built their own birdhouses and crafts, enjoyed popcorn and smoothies, and talked with recycling and composting experts.

Solar energy pops the corn- the trailer boasts 760 W of generating capacity installed by Great Canadian Solar (Edmonton). Pedal power blends the smoothies- patrons ride pedal generators constructed entirely from re-used materials. The smoothies were made in part from excess produce donated by local grocers. The crafts are also made from recycled goods: garments-turned-yarns created by Unravelled Yarns (Calgary).

The Enviro Discovery Trailer is expected to become the flagship of the Society’s education programs that were accessed by at least two thousand students so far this year. EDRS staff will haul the Enviro Discovery Trailer to events in Edson and district, saving time and energy that used to be spent loading and unloading personal vehicles. This project was sponsored by local donors and the provincial government. You can learn more about the Enviro Discovery Trailer, and request to use it, by clicking here

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