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Covering over 40,000 square kilometres of badlands, foothills, boreal forest, and Rocky Mountains, West Yellowhead’s ecological footprint includes pollution of air and water, destruction of habitat, and burying non-biodegradable waste in four landfills. The Edson and District Recycling Society (EDRS) enables individuals and organizations in West Yellowhead to be stewards of the environment. Moreover, the EDRS facilitates a culture of sustainability by fostering attitudes of respect, pride, and responsibility towards the environment. Since 1990, the EDRS continues to seek and implement best practices for minimizing West Yellowhead’s ecological footprint.

The EDRS is a non-profit organization of volunteers dedicated to fostering sustainable lifestyles, particularly regarding waste production and management, in West Yellowhead:

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Board Members (updated July 4, 2018):

Joan Olson

Joan Kelly

Louise Connolly

Mike Maruk

Keith Linford

Wendy Tews

Jan Fitch

Wally McMorran

Glenda Francis

Betty Stitzenberger

Katherine Storey Smith

Dawn Mitchell

Troy Sorenson


The EDRS contracts Silkstone Environmental to operate the Edson Recycle Depot. The Recycle Depot Staff are a hardworking team of individuals who are proud to help mitigate the environmental impacts of waste production and disposal:


Andy, Research & Development Coordinator

Anne, Manager





Jerry, Supervisor

Jonah, Floor Supervisor


Lori, Programs Coordinator








We are graciously assisted by professional consultants in sustainable building:

George Wadey


The EDRS relies on government funding and the financial support of our generous donors.

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