The Edson Friendship Centre Housing Plus+ Program has collaborated with the Edson & District Recycling Society (EDRS) to develop this pilot project with the goal of providing sustainable, long term, safe, accessible and low-cost emergency shelters for individuals in our community experiencing homelessness. Our community does not currently offer a shelter or space to house this vulnerable population, and as a result many individuals find shelter from the outside elements at public locations such as sheds at local schools, the recycling depot and town property. The Shelterpod project will help support these individuals by providing 5 small emergency housing rooms for sleeping. These rooms will provide a safe, secure and warm location for them to sleep in without the threat of personal violence, theft of belongings, or freezing to death. In developing this project, there has also been significant collaboration with the Town of Edson, Reflections, Alberta Health Services and the local RCMP. These partners are committed to supporting the project.

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