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Reuse is the second most important aspect of the waste hierarchy. It is a positive action that extends the lives of products we already have and contributes to a circular economy. This means we don’t have to buy as many new things since we can reuse existing items and we also do not dispose of as much material as it remains in use. In Edson, the E.D.R.S. has been promoting reuse for over two decades through our local reuse centre called the Take it or Leave it, and it’s newest addition the Building Material Reuse Centre (BMRC).

Together, these programs not only steer valuable materials away from landfills and into new homes, but they also help support other environmental initiatives. It is free of charge to drop off items at the Take it or Leave it. On the shopping side, items range in price, from free $0 up to $5 for a bag of items.

The funding received from your purchases or donations goes towards many programs benefitting the community on a socio-environmental level. Programs include but are not limited to monthly seniors events, community gardens, school environmental education, school recycling and composting programs, public environmental events and more!

Visit the Take it or Leave it and Building Material Reuse Centre pages for more info on their programs, including hours.

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