600 New Recyclable Electronics

Recycle your electronics and small household appliances! An updated electronics recycling pilot program is coming this fall with an expanded list of accepted items. The Edson and District Recycling Society expects the two-year pilot program, set out by the Alberta Recycling Management Authority (ARMA), to begin in September and are therefor encouraging residents to bring their electronics to the Edson depot, Hinton Rowan Street Recycling center or the Parkcourt, Peers or Wildwood transfer sites for recycling. The items will be stockpiled at the Edson depot until the program begins this fall. Currently, the electronics recycling program accepts items such as TVs, computers and printers; the expanded program will continue to accept those items as well as approximately 600 new items! The new items fall into the following categories:

Small home appliances

Audio and video equipment

Cell phones and other wireless devices

Power tools

Gaming equipment

Toys (with batteries or power cords)

Musical instruments

Solar panels

Questions? Visit ARMA’s website for a list of FAQs and additional information. https://www.albertarecycling.ca/epilot/

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