How is curbside recycling different from recycle depot drop-off?

Curbside recycling, an ostensibly progressive service, has been proposed for single-family dwellings in Edson. Below are highlights of our research that you may find useful in consideration of this important issue.

  • Edson residents, on average, produce only 149 kg of waste per year— in comparison, the Albertan average is 289 kg per capita
  • Individuals typically deposit more undesirable items into mixed curbside bins (10-14% contaminate) than into type-designated receptacles (into Edson Recycle Depot bins: 2-3% contaminate)
  • Centralized sorting facilities struggle to reduce contamination to the levels demanded by recent changes in market pressures, so mixed recyclables are more often being sloughed off to landfills
  • Source separation (as currently practiced in Edson) is now preferred for its proficiency in a market where well-sorted material is increasingly valued
  • The Edson and District Recycling Society (EDRS) is a non-profit organization that operates the Edson Recycling Depot and guarantees that all recyclable waste is processed into recycled goods
  • Edson’s curbside service provider would collect the most valuable recyclables (e.g., cardboard, newspaper), while the EDRS sponsors hard-to-recycle items (e.g., clear glass, hazardous materials).
  • Food waste (32% of Edson waste) and industrial, commercial, and institutional waste (40% of Albertan waste) are the largest landfill contributions, so they hold the greatest diversion potential

The EDRS recommends:

  1. The Town of Edson adopt waste management practices that minimize our environmental impact, including green procurement policy and commercial waste management planning.
  2. The Town of Edson collect organics at curbside as planned, but delay the decision to collect recycling at curbside until markets stabilize and sorting facilities can match the recycling rates that are already being achieved by Edson residents and the Edson Recycle Depot.

Your waste management specialists,


The Edson and District Recycling Society


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