Guidelines for Edson Community Garden Association Rental Plots

  1. All gardeners are required to complete an application form.  A plot fee is due when your plot number is assigned for the season.  The cost per plot is shown on the attached map/table.
  2. Keep your plot and adjoining pathways tended.  If you plan to discontinue use of your space, please let the registrar know as soon as possible so that your plot can be reassigned.
  3. Plant tall plants and vines in places where they will not interfere with your neighbour’s plot.
  4. All plots will be inspected three times during the season. Renters of plots that are not planted with at least 3 rows, are weedy, or do not meet the guidelines, will be notified. Failure to respond within 14 days will result in forfeiture of the plot.
  5. Using herbicides, pesticides and fungicides, and black plastic and carpet mulches is prohibited.  B.T., acetic acid (vinegar), insecticidal soap and sulphur mixed with water may be sprinkled on plants.
  6. At the end of the garden season, all dead plants and non-plant materials (string, wire, wood, metal, plastic, etc.) must be removed and disposed of properly and all gardens left neat and tidy.  Ensure your garden is cleaned up before the Thanksgiving weekend.
  7. Please put weeds and dead plants into the compost bins provided.
  8. Pick up litter when you see it.  Recycling and garbage bins are located at the garden entrance.
  9. Laneways and pathways must be kept open, clear and free of obstacles.
  10. Pets, drugs (including alcohol), boom boxes and fires are not allowed.
  11. Please supervise your children in the garden.
  12. Please conserve the use of water. Mulch with leaves, grass clippings, or straw to reduce water evaporation.
  13. Borrowed tools should be cleaned and returned to the storage shed when done. Tools are not to be taken home overnight.
  14. Gates must be kept closed at all times and garden shed door closed when not in use.
  15. Report theft, vandalism and unusual activities to the Garden Association Board.
  16. Use common courtesy, be considerate of your gardening neighbours and enjoy the garden!


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