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SELL my bike

Bring your clean, ready to ride bike to the Edson Recycle Depot during the bike intake time (0900 – 1200). We will tech-check your bike and record its serial number; the bike has to be immediately rideable. Bikes that require repairs will not be accepted, and our volunteer techs cannot do that for you.

You will set the selling price, we can guide you on this. You will sign an agreement to sell, which tells us what to do with your bike in the case that it doesn’t sell.

You go away (but don’t leave town), we will sell your bike for you and you can come back after 4 PM to collect the cash. In the case your bike doesn’t find a new home, we’ll contact you (cell phone is best) and let you know to pick your bike up.

BUY a bike

We only accept cash. Admission is free during the sale period (1230 – 1600). All bikes on the floor have undergone a basic tech check to make sure you don’t end up with an unsafe ride, but it is still up to you to get a full technical checkup. Please contact us if something is drastically wrong.

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Read these FAQs


Q: Can I swap my bike?

A: No, this is a bike buy, sell and donate event. If you’re selling a bike, we’ll sell it for you and there will be bikes there for you to buy.

Q: Why is your bike swap safer than online purchase?

A: We tech check the bikes and record the serial numbers. Do you know what you’re buying online or who you’re buying the bike from? The police and RCMP have seized bikes from pawn shops and online sales based on Alberta Bike Swap data.

Q: Do I have to be there to sell my bike?

A: No, we’ll sell your bike for you. But don’t leave town in case your bike doesn’t sell and you have to come pick it up!

Q: How much will you give me for my bike?

A: Sorry, we don’t buy the bikes, but we can help you set a price for the swap.

Q: How do I go about selling a bike?

A: Bring your clean, ready to ride bike to the swap during the times indicated as BIKE DROP-OFF; it helps to have a selling price in mind. We will tech-check it and record its serial number. You will sign an agreement to sell, which tells us what to do with your bike in the slim chance that it doesn’t sell. You go away, and come back later to collect your cash (or unsold bike).

Q: What happens if my bike doesn’t sell?

A: As part of registering your bike for the sale, you leave us a cell or phone number so that we can call you if your bike doesn’t sell. After a reasonable number of attempts to contact you, we move the bike to the Take It or Leave It. The agreement to sell form also gives the option to donate it to the Take It or Leave It.

Q: Can I bring my kid’s bikes to sell?

A: The only children’s bikes that we accept are better quality, not from box stores – we do this is to protect your child. If you want to donate children’s bikes, we accept outgrown bikes, and we’ll give them to a child in need.

Q: How do I get the best price for my bike?

A: Clean, cared for bikes always sell better. Write-up the upgrades, last service, new parts, etc., make sure the buyers can tell the value is there.

Q: I’m out of town on Saturday, can I drop my bike off on Friday?

A: We just don’t have the resources to handle early drop-offs or take bikes ahead of time.

Q: What will the prices of the bikes be?

A: Bikes range from $20 – $4000. Sellers set the price, but we encourage them to price it to sell.

Q: What is a Bicycle Shaped Object?

A: I didn’t come up with this term. It refers to box store items that look like a bike, smell like a bike, but don’t pedal, shift, stop, or otherwise work the way a real bike should. A bike should make you want to ride it, not leave it in the alley.

Still have questions? Please contact us.

Parts of this page copied with permission from Chris and Laura Grant of Alberta Bike Swap


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